General instructions

Thank you for participating in the experiment. We will now give you more detailed information about the experiment. Please read these instructions thoroughly and raise your hand if you have any question.


The initial meeting, which is taking place now in the lab, will last approximately one hour. The experiment involves 4 additional online sessions:

  • Session 1 will take place on 13.06.2018 and will last approximately 15 minutes.
  • Session 2 will take place on 18.06.2018. You will be free to decide how long to work on that session (minimum: 1 minute).
  • Session 3 will take place on 20.06.2018 and will last approximately 10 minutes.
  • Session 4 will take place on 26.06.2018. You will be free to decide how long to work on that session (minimum: 5 minutes).
Participating in all sessions is mandatory.

Online sessions

To participate in an online session you must log in to the experimental platform during the day and follow the instructions. Your login information is your email address and a secret password that you will choose later today. The platform will be available from 00:00 to 24:00 at the following address: Should you have any question or encounter any technical difficulty, please send an email to the following address:


It is your responsibility to remember to log in for every online session. We will send you some emails to help you. An email sent today will include all the information provided on this page (schedule, address of the platform and contact email address). Please save this email and mark your calendar with the dates of the sessions. You can also take notes on the sheet of paper placed on your desk. On the day of each online session you will also receive some reminder emails from us.

Rules and technical requirements

You should be alone in front of your computer every time you participate in a session. You should use a desktop or laptop equipped with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox oder Safari (not Internet Explorer). The website is not suitable for smartphones and tablets, as you will need a proper mouse and keyboard (or touchpad) for some tasks. Please do not reload the webpage, do not use the backwards button, and do not stay inactive on a page for more than 20 minutes. This would finish your session and your participation would be lost.