Session 2


You successfully logged on to participate in session 2 of the experiment. Please read the following instructions carefully. You will be informed when your participation in today's session is validated.

Please do not reload the webpage, do not use the backwards button, and do not stay inactive on a page for more than 20 minutes.

Today's session

Today you have the opportunity to increase your bonus by completing some screens with the sliders task. Each of the following screens contains 40 sliders. To complete one screen you must position each slider on its target and click on "Submit". Be careful! If you click on "Submit" while some sliders are incorrectly positioned the webpage will be reloaded with a new set of sliders and you will have to start again.

As soon as you successfully complete one screen (without any mistake) this screen will be validated. You will be rewarded for every batch of 5 screens that you complete even if you need several attempts for one or several of these screens. The following table reminds you of the payment associated with every batch of 5 screens as well as the cumulative payment. This table will be displayed on every screen. The screen number (between 1 and 40) and your earnings so far will also be displayed on the screen. You can freely decide how many screens you complete today (between 0 and 40). Every screen comprises a button "Finish" to leave the task. If you click on "Finish" your earnings so far will be added to your bonus earnings for the experiment.

Number of screens completed Payment for this batch of 5 screens Cumulative payment
1-5 5 Euros 5 Euros
6-10 4 Euros 9 Euros
11-15 3 Euros 12 Euros
16-20 2 Euros 14 Euros
21-25 1.5 Euros 15.5 Euros
26-30 1 Euro 16.5 Euros
31-35 0.5 Euros 17 Euros
35-40 0.1 Euros 17.1 Euros

Next week (on 26.06.2018) you will have the opportunity to increase your bonus again by completing some screens with the counting-zeroes task.

Please click on "Proceed" when you are ready to start the task.